Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winter Commuter Project Bike: Day One

The Frame
After looking around online and talking to some people at Trek (midtown) and Sarah from Greenstreet, Sarah agreed to let me come look at a old Trek frame that she had sitting in her garage. When I finally met up with her I saw that the frame was an old Trek 970, lugged steel, and black (with bright pink accents - woohoo!). It was in pretty good shape, a few rust spots, but it seemed like it fit my winter commuter criteria pretty well, and I really liked the lugs on it, so I agreed to buy it from her along with the fork and bottom bracket for a cool $100.

Now, how to get it home?

In being carless the last few weeks, I have realized that, ironically, I need a car to be able to move bikes or parts of bikes around. For example, When I got hit a few weeks ago (I'll put the story up some other time, I promise) and needed a new front fork and wheel, I had to strap them onto my back and ride to the Trek store by my place to get the parts that I needed. Similarly, I now needed a way to transport a bike frame (and fork).

Sarah suggested that I could strap it to a big framed backpack, and since I had a 70L (large) backpacking backpack sitting around, I figured that I could give it a try. It would be better than carrying the bike the mile or so home at least.
As it turns out, this is a very good way to transport a frame. Put the sleeping bag straps around the fork, the compression straps around the top tube, the lid of the pack around the bottom tube, and wrapped a towel around the back bracket to keep it from hitting my head, it traveled home with me like a charm.

Granted, it looked completely ridiculous, but I really didn't care too much about that. I'll post some pics of it and the experience tomorrow.

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  1. Last winter I wanted a snow shovel to scoop the sidewalks and dig out my truck after the blizzards. I biked to a hardware store north of downtown and bought one.

    I put the handle of the shovel inside the flap straps of my Chrome bag, with the head of the shovel right behind my head.

    I can tell you that I got some funny looks biking home in the snow carrying a shovel on my back, ninja style.

    I expect you to work up to a cargo bike soon, Ben. If so, then maybe you can give me a ride to work.

    Keep posting your progress. I'm curious to see how it all works out.

    I've got my own winter build going on here, by the way.