Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winter Commuter Project Bike: Day 5

Picked up the sand-blasted bike yesterday from the blasting  place. It looks good all nice and clean. Loaded it up onto the pack and drove the mile or so across downtown to 19th and Leavenworth, to the powder coating place.

I'm not sure what color to go with. I want to pick a color that he has already, since it will be cheaper.  He has a few nice shades of blue, and a shiny, stark white.  He also has a few shades of silver-ish colors, but they are all pretty flat. So I'm trying to decide between the white and a sky-blue color( its quite a bit darker than Scott's Earl), but am leaning more on the white (I think it will look better with my leather seat and handlebar wraps). Any input on the color? I was hoping to find something that would stand out at night, as well as in the snow, although I'm not sure exactly what color that would be..
The powder coating guy didn't think that he would get to my bike until next week, which is fine because I need to start compiling parts.

Some pics from yesterday:

The frame and parts all blasted and looking clean.

When I got there I pointed out that he had missed a spot on the fork. So I was able to watch him finish that up, which was pretty cool. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. Me personally, I'd clear coat it since I love silvery stuff, but that's just me. Your idea of white is a good one. White does look nice with leather bits, as evident by Raleigh's nice steel roadie.