Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Commuter Project Bike: Day 20ish


Finally I feel that I have gotten somewhere on this bike. Got the crankset on, rear tire put together and cogged, fork on with headset and stem, brakes mounted, and seat mounted.  I need to switch out my chain to a 3/32" spacing as it has a lot of lateral play on both the cog and the crank, but that should be the last part that I need for the bike. I also needed to purchase a new tool this weekend, which was a little thing that looked a lot like my bottom bracket tool but was used to tighten my cassette (or in this case, my cog an spacers) on my rear hub.

Still need to put on the brake cabling, install the chain and pedals, and get the tubes and tires on the wheels. But then I should be good to go! Im excited, especially considering that only a week ago I was so behind and frustrated that I thought seriously about just getting a bike that was built already.

My only concern now is that the new bottom bracket doesnt have the right spacing for the frame, which puts the chainring dangerously close to scraping the frame at the rear. Like, no more than 2mm space there. I will have to make sure that the frame doesnt flex too much and cause it to actually scrape, otherwise I will need a new bottom bracket. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Also, keep your fingers crossed on this weather. I dont have my snow tires in yet, so Im hoping the lack of snow holds out for another week or so at least.

Here is what it looks like so far:

PS - munsoned, you were right about the brake studs. I had to strip them.

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  1. Looking good, buddy! All should go well from here on out. Do you have fenders already? If not, I have a set I could give you. I too started out on a 26" mtb frame for commuting, but have since donated it to the bike co-op. I still have the fenders laying around though. They're missing the rear seat stay attachment bridge, but you could easily drill some holes through the plastic and mount an L bracket to make it work. Let me know. Mail me: cyclery88 at the gmail place.