Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Commute Musings for Nov 11

Rode in this morning with the thermometer showing 33 degrees, the coldest ride that I have done to date. With the colder weather, I added a second layer of gloves (thin skiing gloves with my padded cycling gloves under) and a second layer of pants (sweatpants underneath my khaki pants, over my tights). The extra gloves were perfect,  my hands weren't cold or hot. The pants were entirely too much, and my lower body was sweaty after only about a mile.

So I rode in on the coldest day yet, and sweat the whole way in. O well, this is how you learn!

And for the record, being too hot and sweaty was way worse than being a little cold.


  1. Good job on the chilly commute! You'll learn quickly what works best for you. I like layers up top, but don't usually need much on my lower half. Some wear a face mask at 40 degrees, but I'm good down to about 15 or so.

    Keep a list of what you wear, the temperature, and how it worked for you. You can write it down, blog it, or just keep track in your head.

    Every rides is an adventure and a learning opportunity.

    By the way, be sure you have great lights and the legal amount of reflectivity. These winter evening commutes can be dark and gray. I used to worry about having too many, but I've since learned the more the better.

    My favorite new additions are a leg bang that is both reflective and lighted, plus some conspicuity tape on my pedals, and lights in my spokes. Nothing screams "BICYCLE" at a distance more than pedal action and spinning wheels.

  2. Good ideas Scott. I actually started a page a few weeks ago about the winter commuting temperature guide (on the tabs above, I know they are kinda hard to see..).
    My bike is pretty visible right now with the lights on it and stuff, but something on the spokes would be nice. I think I will look into some reflective tape.