Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Commuter Project Bike: Day 11

Well it has been few weeks since I posted anything on here about my winter project. I am calling this day 11 since I really havent worked on my bike at all since the last post.

Went to the bike shop yesterday to talk to them about ordering parts. I was super bummed to learn that I couldnt use the Sturmey-Archer kickback hub with my bike due to the fact that it has the wrong axle spacing. I need a 135 hub for my bike, and the kickback is only available in 116 and 120 (for a 700c wheel instead of my 26").  When I learned that, I seriously considered scrapping the frame and starting over from scratch, or to buy a  prebuilt like that has what I wanted. But I decided to press on, continue on my path, and finish what I started. I figure that it would be a good experience to build it myself anyways, and will learn a lot for future reference. Plus, its for the good of the blog.

That being said, I picked out some wheels, brakes and levers, crank, and bottom bracket. Andy gave me an old set of mountain bike handlebars that he had laying around the shop, so that was a bonus. They have cogs, chain, and chain tensioner in stock. Everything else I am getting from Nashbar because Im not worried about compatibility issues with things like the seat, grips, fenders, etc. Hopefully the parts will all get here before next weekend so I can actually start building this thing.

As a side note, I did talk to Andy about getting a wheel built around that kickback hub, and thought that I would share that with my 3 readers, since I know Scott will at least be curious. He said that the rims would be about 60 each, labor was 60 per wheel, spokes (need 32 for that hub) are $1 a piece, and then the hub itself is about 90. So total is just under $240 for the rear wheel, including labor. If you are interested, ask your local bike shop of choice to see if they can put in a pre order for you, the hub is not technically available yet but has shipped out to the distributor (United Bicycle Supply) so it should be ready to order here in the states in about a month. For those of you that dont know what Im talking about, here is a link.


  1. i just don't understand why you want that hub so badly go and guy white industries dingle and that will only set you back 110$ if you insisting on two gears in back

  2. RD,
    From what I understand, the Dingle is a freewheel/fixed hub that accommodates 2 cogs per side. The s2 Duo is a single outer cog with an internal second gearing, that way you dont have to worry about differential chain difference. Its a neat idea though, as I know that I will have to play with gearing some myself anyways.