Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready to Roll

Well, the winter commuter bike is finally done, and I rode it in for the first time today. I had to go to Greenstreet last night to get the finishing touches on my Singulator.  It rides pretty nice. I need to make some adjustments to the handlebars, brake levers, and seat, but nothing unexpected for a new bike. I also need some fenders and winter tires still, so far I have been lucky with the mild winter weather.

The bike ended up as a 42/16, and the ratio feels pretty good. I struggled a bit on the hills on the way in, but nothing that my legs wont get into shape for.  The fact that I didnt have to worry about shifting was vary liberating.

Here is some pics of how she turned out. The black on white combo ended up looking pretty good, even though its going to be impossible to keep looking clean.

(what it looks like at night, with the front tire spinning)

If you want a better look at it, it is currently parked in front of the UP building downtown. 


  1. Pretty sweet. Really nice job. I took a look this morning on the racks. Do you plan on leaving the light strings on all year?

  2. Im not sure, havent really thought much about it yet. I like em, and dont see a reason to take them off, other than its a little tacky, but I could care less about that. Probably when they run out of batt I will take them off and then not put them back on until next year. Of course, that depends on how the timing works with the owl ride.
    What about you Scott? You dont have lights on the Earl currently right?