Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Post: About Blog

After I started to get into cycling regularly, people started asking me things like: "Did you really ride today? What about the rain??" or "You really get groceries on your bike? How does that work?". Friends and coworkers typically thought that I was insane when I told them that I got around mostly by bike and loved it.
People didn't understand how great it feels to exercise a bit on everyday on your way to and from work.
They didn't understand how great a quiet, crisp morning feels when you are sliding along a calm trail.
They didn't understand how you see things on a bike that you wouldn't see in a car, like a curious squirrel watching you ride by, or the sun coming just right through the trees, or the smell of that one big bank of flowers on the south side of Leavenworth just before the Happy Hallow intersection.
They didn't understand how enjoyable life can be when you just slow down and take the time to be more a part of it.

This blog is not for those people.

This is written for the inspired, ambitious, or perhaps just adventurous beginner who is looking to get more into everyday riding. I am hoping to detail all of the 'little advice' that I have learned in my commuting endeavors. For example, anyone can tell you that you should dress for the weather. But when you wake up late for work and see that the temp is listed as 54 and breezy, what do you wear? How do you get all of your clothes to work without panniers? Hopefully by reading this blog you can learn (and appreciate) all of the little things that go into daily commuting.

And this is also for my friends and family, who seem to enjoy hearing my 'crazy biking stories'.

Advice of the day:
You don't have to make cycling a lifestyle. Just get out and ride. Don't beat yourself up if you don't ride as much as you want to. Just do it when you can, and try to enjoy every ride as much as possible. Do that, and you'll be addicted in no time!

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  1. Great blog idea, Ben, and nice articles to read on the first day.

    I look forward to reading your adventures and seeing what works and what doesn't work for you as you build up your winter bike.

    I've done a two winters already, each on a different bike. This year I am trying out yet another build strategy that is similar to yours. We'll have to compare notes.

    Best of luck, and keep the articles coming.